What about ADHD/Learning disabilities … A Mother’s Story

Where does One start?


Teaching to THRIVE on many levels. THAT is what we have in COMMON.
NUTRITION is a very integral part to living your BEST life. Let me share my SONS story.

My now, 40 year old son is a survivor and “thriver” of ADHD, EPILEPSY, and LEARNING disabilities. Creative ways of helping CRAIG “fit in” became more difficult in pre-school, elementary, even High School. Because of his epilepsy, which began on Christmas Day, when he was 9months old, Craig was subjected to “modern day medicine” to control his seizures.

I was happy for the support of the medical profession. However, I later discovered that a lot of his “behavioral problems” were do to an allergic reaction to the medications.

Nutrition was my minor in college, but I did not connect the “dots” when it came to medicine. I did have Craig on a “Feingold Diet” which consisted of no processed foods, so I became a very inventive chef! I was aware of the harm in food dyes, too much sugar, additives … and the benefits in WHOLE food. Pure, no artificial ANYTHING, was the norm in our home. His behavior improved dramatically, his mood, however, did not. That’s when we discovered he was allergic to the dyes in his medications…duh!!

Much later, I was introduced to a Company that dehydrates pure WHOLE food into a “salad bar in a capsule” (without the dressing) or chewy. This provides over 30 dehydrated fruits and veggies in our diet , DAILY!! WOW! That took care of the NUTRITIONAL component of THRIVING!

The educational story, was a bit more complex. Although we placed Craig in Montessori schools, and home schooled for a while, we found that his METHOD of learning was different, and we began to explore other alternatives. There were fewer “experts” in those days on HOW we actually learn. Today, there is so much information on the brain, how it functions, develops, and THRIVES.

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  1. Thanks for the article. I was hoping you could help me with something. I was wondering, Can you treat ADHD without drugs? My brother was recently diagnosed and I’m trying to help him out. A really appreciate any advice you can give.

    1. Trisha Craig

      I posted in comments! I wanted ALL to see.. Thank-you. Please let me offer further suggestions to get your brother started. Kindest Regards.

  2. Trisha Craig

    REMOVING artificial foods, additives, and processed foods is key to Treating ADHD.
    ADDING whole foods, fruits and vegetable, non gmo grains is GREAT NUTRITION.
    OUR BODIES are designed to Heal themselves. My experience, and many others, have AVOIDED the medications prescribed by doctors by introducing Juice Plus into their diets, along with avoiding the “REMOVING” foods.
    I would suggest the 10 day SHRED, to “DETOX” the impurities in their bodies.
    Then follow up with the capsules or gummies on a daily basis.
    Under SERVICES, watch the Childrens video, the SHRED video, and the Family plan video.
    Thank-you for your Request.

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